( Jan. 3rd, 2008 10:58 am)
What a busy morning. I am off to get my mom from the hospital where she had been waiting for her boyfriend to come out of surgery. He's doing fine and he's joking again. And he wants to play cards :D :D :D

So there were a few people who wanted to join in the fun of a 1000 comments post again, so consider this your possibility to spam me, tell me what you always wanted to tell me, rant if you need to about anything that upsets you, tell me something happy, ask me questions, no matter which ones unless they get a little too private LOL, talk with eachother and just have fun.
I am sure at some point this post will be full with nice pics to drool over, maybe some vids and fun stuff :D

There are no rules to this thing, so just have fun :D
The only thing is, that if posting pics, do so in a new comment and not as a reply to your own :D Cause like that, everyone will have the chance to still see them and throw in their 5 cents or more :D

Let's have some fun and let the party begin :D :D :D

I might throw in some cookies for the top-spammers :P :P

*huggles flist*

PS: This thing is open to everyone not just my flist :D So feel free to spread the word ^^



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