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Subject: Supernatural: Dean Winchester
Batch: Batch #2,(26-50)
Themes: colorful, embrace, red, hush, wicked, secrets, fire, love, reminisce, sorrow, all that I am, full of regret, blue, I've been bad, soul food, ice, trouble in paradise, alone, snarky, companionship, misery, beautiful, time, all is right, all is wrong, dreamers dream, so close yet so far away, brightness, rain, desire, hmm yum!, my drug, from now on, sunshine, joy, smile, kiss, laughter, water
Additonal Notes:
1. Don't steal my icons
2. Credit my icons
3. Textless icons are not bases
4. Comments would be nice :)
5. Nominations are always welcome. But please comment if you nominate my icons somewhere.


(follow me to part two of 100 Deans)

Happy 1st of March and Happy Birthday Jensen :D Not that he reads it LOL

I'm really, really slow today and really, really tired. But I am still surprised how not eating and just drinking doesn't even make me hungry or anything. Sometimes I feel like eating but just cause I am used to eating normally and then I just turn my back on the food and get me my water.
But today I am tired, my shoulders are aching a little and I just feel exhausted. But that's kinda normal. But I also feel like walking and cleaning up. So I guess we will do that after the meeting. Get some of the paper out of the apartment again and so on.

Well and because it's the first of the month again, I shall post the stats :D

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