So this is my Valentine's gift. Sort of I guess :D
I finally have the layout set up on my graphics journal [ profile] creativecircle and now all my graphics will go there. So if you're here for my graphics you better run over to the comm and add it :D Cause this journal will now be a place for personal stuff, fandom squeeage and it will mostly be friends only. Except for maybe the caps and picspams. So here's a little teaser for the newest batch of icons I made.

Subject: Supernatural: Dean Winchester
Batch: Batch #1,(01-25)
Themes: colorful, embrace, red, hush, wicked, secrets, fire, love, reminisce, sorrow, all that I am, full of regret, blue, I've been bad, soul food, ice, trouble in paradise, alone, snarky, companionship, misery, beautiful
Additonal Notes: 1. Don't steal my icons 2. Credit my icons 3. Textless icons are not bases 4. Comments would be nice :) 5. Nominations are always welcome. But please comment if you nominate my icons somewhere.


Follow me to part 1 of 100 Dean Winchester icons
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