House work done. Yippieh ^^ and my car is okay. It was just a filter and now it's going smoothly. Needed some water and so on.

We went to IKEA and I got frames for work and a carpet for the bathroom. Also a trolley with another bag for the laptop. Just the size you need for a short trip and I guess I'll use this one for Asylum too.

I got my trading card box this morning and now I have two complete Season 2 SPN Trading Cards Sets and I wanted to know if some of you are interested in getting one. I have one already, so there are two left that I want to sell, so I thought I'd ask you first. I won't flock this post in case you know someone who wants one :D I won't take more than 10 Euro including shipping as long as it's within Europe :D
I also have one of the Hunters cards twice, the one with Ash and I'd sell that one too, if someone wants one :D

I filled out the redemption card for my piece work card - the one with Amber Benson :D and I hope that I will get it.

And now I will only relax a little and maybe make some icons :D

I wish you all a lovely weekend :D

*huggles and smooches flist*

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