Okay, so the paper from hell is gone. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah :D Just handed it in about 30 minutes ago. I´m FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE :D and so happy :)
And in order to celebrate, feel free to spam me with just anything and let´s see how far we can go today *giggles* I want happy and random and drooling and perving and yeah it´s Sammy´s Bday and although I never celebrate bday of fictional characters I feel like it today. Because it´s Sammy and I am free because the paper from hell is gone.
I screamed so loud in the car when I finally had the place in my rear view mirror. Woooooooooot I´ve been waiting for this day for such a long time. It´s like being released from prison :D WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH I´m so happy :D

and that interest and icon meme right under here )
Yes I send you back here again LOL I just want to have these 1000 comments no matter how. *ROFL* I must be addicted or something ^^ So we went to Frankfurt in the morning. The weather wasn´t the best all day, so we didn´t stay there for long. We arrived at around 11:30 and headed to Terminal 2, found the counter there easily and talked to the guy there. So no worries about the luggage. I`ll check it in in Frankfurt and I hopefully won´t have to worry about it again until I arrive in Los Angeles. With my luggage I hope *lol* I`ll check in from home, print my ticket, drive there and just give them my stuff and then I can board. How easy is that? The only thing I have to do then is arrive in London on time, reach the departure gate in time and leave with the second plane. Did I mention that I love connection flights? WEll okay, that was sorted and we went to the visitors terrace in Terminal 2 and had Mexican food there. After that we did some window shopping and went to the train station. Our train didn´t leave as stated and instead we met a drunk guy, who was very funny while drunk and he asked us if we wanted some apple wine. We both said no. Later on he wanted his two buddies to take a pic of him with me and my dad. LOL And then we decided to stay a little longer. So we went back up again, had coffee at Starbucks, used the Sky Line another 2 times. MY dad just loved it. And then we went to the station and left with the next train. I didn´t take any pictures, too crowded and outside the weather was too bad. So now I am back and I hope that we get the missing 350 comments to that post here. That would make me really happy. *hands out cookies* *hugs all around*

I´ll just call this thing a meme. I guess some of us talked about this while doing on of these 1000 comments entries and we only posted SPN pics and stuff. So yeah here I am now asking for your help to make it actually happen. Let´s see if we can get there.
Plus - as selfish as I am today - I really needed, cause I feel really crappy thanks to the people living in this house. But don´t want to bore you with that now.

25 in b/w with red )
So the presentation is over and I guess it was okay and went well. I feel a little indifferent about it. But I wasn`t nervous at all after Professor Küting summed up parts of what I said and asked questions. It was all pretty relaxed and it`s over. That`s the most important thing. Now I can go on and move on to the next thing.

So yes, is there anyone who wants to celebrate it with me? What about another 1000 comments ?
So let the party begin. Everyone`s invited. Spam me with everything, anything you want. Let`s just party and celebrate the sun and what not :)))))

PS: I am still at uni in a lecture so it might take a while until I reply, but I will most definately do that ^^

*hugs everyone and throws confetti*

Oh and Pizza is most welcome too

a meme from me and anli )




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