( Mar. 24th, 2007 11:26 pm)
So I spent the day at my apartment and now as a result all the wallpapers are off the ceilings :) and as promised I took some pics. They aren´t good because the battery is low and I forgot the new one, plus I took them while working and my dad kept calling for me LOL.
So here they are with some comments :)
my apartment )
We also went to two stores today. I was looking for ideas on lamps and stuff. There are some things I´ll make myself so we checked the prices for wood and so on :)
And that´s all for now. I worked on my paper. 8 more pages written in 2 days. But I had to take a break, because of my arm. Seems to hate working on wallpapers LOL. So no more writing tonight. Although it was working so well *meh*
Have a good night and sweet dreams
*huggles flist*

Oi, something else. Helena, Vânia, I need more portwine LOL. The first bottle is almost empty *giggles* I ♥ it :) oh, and do you have the recipe for me Vânia? *puppyeyes*




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