So when you click the first cut, you´ll get to see a bunch of family members looking for chestnuts in the woods and on the way to castle Landeck and some pics from around there.
Of course there will be some experimental shots in there too. I can´t live without them :D
auf in die Pfalz )
On clicking this cut you´ll get tons of pics from the woods surrounding my hometown and some from the area where I live. I went out in the evening because I wanted to capture everything in the fading light
There´s the soccer stadium, the gas stations, two of the grocery stores, the old tree and our house.
Elversberg )
And for all those of you who are wondering where the angels and elves are ... well I´ll play with them for a bit before I post them :D
I hope you enjoyed the little view into my world
Wish you all a lovely day
*huggles and smooches flist*




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