( Feb. 5th, 2007 12:38 pm)
I had a really busy weekend at my dads place. On Saturday [livejournal.com profile] anli helped me to get some old wallpapers of the walls in the apartment. It´s more work than we thought it would be. There were some unexpected surprises and it might all take a little longer.
I went back there on Sunday and finished the bedroom and the "hall" and started with the kitchen and the smaller livingroom. My uncle and my cousin and her hubby came by to help as well. They brought some furniture to new places and now everything that won´t stay is out of the apartment. But we still have a lot of things to move around and put into boxes.
When I got back home yesterday we had coffee and some cake together. Had a longer talk with my other cousin and was waiting for a mail from Ki. As you might have heard the premiere of PotC 3 is now on the 19th and my flight on the 20th. Yeah for that. So I am trying to change my flight. So far without success. I checked the BA homepage, but cannot change my flights because I booked with an agency. I tried to call them, but no one answered the phone which is ... a little weird. So I wrote an email. Because with BA there wouldn´t be any problem to change my flight from what I have seen, but that agency takes changing flights like cancelling and re-booking and that would cost me a lot of money. The thing is that I only want to change one of the two flights and I am not willing to pay more for the second one, cause I just don´t change it. Let´s see how all that turns out. I´d really hate to miss the premiere by one day. Although I`d still get to meet all the others and I´d get to watch the movie with them. But there would be something missing if all of them can go to the premiere and I´d be the one who couldn´t *sighs* Cross fingers for me that I can change it.
But now some icons I made out of boredom. They aren´t my favorite, but yeah since I made them I can post them anyway.
Some teasers:

nothing special but oh yeah icons again )




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