Wuah, it´s raining heavily right now and I just got a free shower on my way back home from my dads. It was a busy day. I finished the literature list and most of the footnotes are now done. So only the ending is left and the intro. Some parts that I want to edit and work footnotes in, but nothing major anymore. Thank god.
And my dad is now officially the bestest in the world :D he helped me a lot today and I got more done than I expected ^^

Well and now, here be the walls I made :) and some icons cropped from them ^^


the icons and the walls )

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( Mar. 1st, 2007 12:31 am)
Uh, what a day I had. Woke up with no voice at all, coughing like an idiot while trying to breathe, which wasn´t too easy with my nose acting up - yes I already love the picture you all have in your heads now *ROFL* But it was over pretty soon and I got ready for the gym, which btw was totally painful today and I really had to fight to go through this torture today. But I won *yeah* so 2 hours later I left the gym, feeling very well and not so happy about having to go to uni once again - screw the paper *sighs*
When I got there I was lucky that it didn´t rain that much, so I got into the library and started my work. Spent 4 hours there and left to give two books back and just after I brought back the second one it started to rain sweet little iceballs. Everything was cover with them and I almost fell - mwahahaha, got a wonderful rush of adrenaline from that. By the time I got to my car - about 2 minutes later - I was wet down to my panties and I just couldn´t see anything through the windows of my car - that´s what you get when you forget to close the windows when it rains. So I had to wait for the heating to warm it all up and then I drove back home. My cellphone started singing when I left the car but I decided not to answer because it was still raining and I knew it was my dad, cause he said he´d call before he comes by to help me look for my dvd from amazon. So I called him back and he arrived 10 minutes later. And guess what. That DVD I had been looking for like a mad woman was found in 30 seconds under two of my uni books for that damn paper.
So when my dad left again I took a nap watched some tv and then Hitch- the date doctor. I´ll send it back tomorrow, so by Saturday they should send me Devour *jumps up and down and squee´s with MArena*
And now I´ll be off to sort the mess on my notebook and add some stuff for the paper ^^ have a good night/ day
*huggles and smooches*
Because he is so reading my journal right now *LOL*
Anyway, as it´s March 1st here in Germany already and I actually should be working on my paper -which I am obviously not *hangs head in shame* - a picspam. I guess that´s a good apology though ^^
Just one little teaser and the rest is all behind the cut and might not be dial up friendly

happy birthday, dear Jensen, happy birthday to you )




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