( Mar. 11th, 2007 11:33 am)
I haven´t done much besides those icons - and somehow I went a little crazy with that part - and working on my paper. I´m on page 22, handwritten page 5 of 21 and I´ll continue typing this afternoon to see how far I get, but I guess further than I wanted to be before I leave. So yay for that. I was already scared because my writing muse left me. Well I still can´t find a way to write something new. But I can still type what I have, right?
So well that´s basically all I have to tell right now. So I´ll just leave it like that and hope you have fun with the icons :)

[1-36]Jensen Ackles
[37-48]Jared Padalecki
[49-126]various Supernatural
3 walls

126 icons before I´m leaving on a jetplane )




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