( May. 9th, 2007 02:25 pm)
Hey :D
Today is my grandmas bday and I started packing *LOL*
I´m so excited now that I know that I can stay with Ken and Lorna. I´m so relieved and excited at the same time I don´t know which feeling is stronger :D
So as I am leaving next Thursday and I lost almost all of my adresses because of the whole moving action, I need your adresses again. I will send postcards to all those of you who reply here :D Comments will therefore be screened :D
Oh, and I am working on icons. So I might post some soon. I´ll go to the gym in about 2 hours and tomorrow I´ll be at my dads to clean the apartment and get some of the remaining wallpaper pieces of the ceiling. And after that it´s up to HEinrich. I won´t have work there until I return in June :D

*hugs to you all*
And to add a little something of interest in here, the stats. I forgot to post them at the beginning of the month.

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