So I made those caps yesterday. Not just for fun LOL although it was a lot of fun :D but because I am doing a set for [ profile] i_character. It’s harder than I thought, cause deciding on 3 caps per episode really isn’t easy. But since I need the distraction today and thought you’d like to see something pretty and a little celebration, cause there will finally be a new episode I bring you a little Sam and Dean in Home.

Sam and Dean in Home )

And now the stats :D

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( May. 14th, 2007 08:56 pm)
OMG, Cali is coming closer and closer and closer. I went to the bank today and got some cash. LOL Something for Cali and a little bit for the airport in London. One never knows, right?

WAAAAAAAAAAAAH, and I might have "talked" to Marena for the last time before she leaves on the bus tomorrow. And the next time we talk will be for real and in Cali and weeehee, we´ll watch the finale together :D
I went to the city with [ profile] anli today. I bought two shirts and a dress for Cali. Everything should be ready now. At least I hope so :D

And yeah, here are those icons I made in the last week or so. They really aren´t special I just needed something to keep my thoughts from wandering off too much. CAuse seriously I am way too nervous at the moment.

So here be some teasers (there are about 200 altogether):

and 200 bottles of rum .... yoho )
Wuah, it´s raining heavily right now and I just got a free shower on my way back home from my dads. It was a busy day. I finished the literature list and most of the footnotes are now done. So only the ending is left and the intro. Some parts that I want to edit and work footnotes in, but nothing major anymore. Thank god.
And my dad is now officially the bestest in the world :D he helped me a lot today and I got more done than I expected ^^

Well and now, here be the walls I made :) and some icons cropped from them ^^


the icons and the walls )

meme taken from jenniferkaos )
Okay, so having only little sleep seems to be a great thing for the muse. She seems to be working all by herself when I don´t get enough sleep. Well I also get a little funny and weird when I don´t sleep enought, but yeah.
I made some icons per request. Oh and doing that I just remembered that I have 60 more. So lets wait for this to be posted until I edited it *lol*

60 Bugs icons
30 Jensen icons
9 Jared/Sam icons
5 Jensen headers
2 Jared headers
1 Jensen wallpaper


lots of icons under here )
( Apr. 3rd, 2007 02:13 pm)

Wallpapers are for personal use only. Please do not repost anywhere else without my permission.
Backgrounds of the walls made with textures from resurgere over at DeviantArt :) More credits for my resources are in the credit post and the userinfo ^^
Have fun with the walls :) I´m off to uni now.
To be crossposted when I return from the gym
( Mar. 30th, 2007 03:19 pm)
I wanted to write something and while I was thinking about it I completely forgot what it was .... I´m getting old ....
After the uncomfortable start in the day yesterday I decided to leave the books in the bed. But then the cat jumped on them and they all fell out waking me up with this wonderful sound of falling books. Yeah, I love my cats *nods*
Anyway, was up early enough for the gym and as usual I am more than a little sleepy now.
The paper is coming along okay. I guess. 33 pages typed, another 22 or something handwritten. And damn it I need an apointment with Mr. Metz. I´m just so lazy and unwilling and yaddy yaddy. Whatever.
Made a bunch of heart icons and again, was too lazy to share them. But I will now ..... no matter if you like it or not ... oh and some others made for [ profile] anli, not that I don´t like the subject *ROFL* So yeah, I get to the point where I post teasers now before I bore you with my sleepy random talking stuff whatever. Those heart icons kind of have an underlying theme or something which actually isn´t underlying but lying right in front of you *confusedherselfwiththispartnow*
There are:
15 Jo
14 Dean/Jo
66 Heart icons
9 Heart animations

could we start again please )
( Mar. 20th, 2007 09:10 pm)
I started to make some icons when I was in Porto. [ profile] elrawien helped with a little inspiration there. Thank you, sweetie *hugs you*
So I finished the set today and added some with Orlando :) They all screamed b/w, so I just couldn´t resist :)
Oh and don´t pay attention to the icon names. I forgot to rename them, just added more numbers *lol*

25 spn related and 9 Orlando oh and 3 walls )
Yes I send you back here again LOL I just want to have these 1000 comments no matter how. *ROFL* I must be addicted or something ^^ So we went to Frankfurt in the morning. The weather wasn´t the best all day, so we didn´t stay there for long. We arrived at around 11:30 and headed to Terminal 2, found the counter there easily and talked to the guy there. So no worries about the luggage. I`ll check it in in Frankfurt and I hopefully won´t have to worry about it again until I arrive in Los Angeles. With my luggage I hope *lol* I`ll check in from home, print my ticket, drive there and just give them my stuff and then I can board. How easy is that? The only thing I have to do then is arrive in London on time, reach the departure gate in time and leave with the second plane. Did I mention that I love connection flights? WEll okay, that was sorted and we went to the visitors terrace in Terminal 2 and had Mexican food there. After that we did some window shopping and went to the train station. Our train didn´t leave as stated and instead we met a drunk guy, who was very funny while drunk and he asked us if we wanted some apple wine. We both said no. Later on he wanted his two buddies to take a pic of him with me and my dad. LOL And then we decided to stay a little longer. So we went back up again, had coffee at Starbucks, used the Sky Line another 2 times. MY dad just loved it. And then we went to the station and left with the next train. I didn´t take any pictures, too crowded and outside the weather was too bad. So now I am back and I hope that we get the missing 350 comments to that post here. That would make me really happy. *hands out cookies* *hugs all around*

I´ll just call this thing a meme. I guess some of us talked about this while doing on of these 1000 comments entries and we only posted SPN pics and stuff. So yeah here I am now asking for your help to make it actually happen. Let´s see if we can get there.
Plus - as selfish as I am today - I really needed, cause I feel really crappy thanks to the people living in this house. But don´t want to bore you with that now.

25 in b/w with red )
( Feb. 11th, 2007 08:55 pm)
There´s not much to tell about today. It´s a shitty one, that´s for sure. But I don´t want to talk about it anymore. So I made some icons, not the best and for sure pretty dark. At least the last 30. Came with my mood. Hope you like them anyway.

my daddy shot your daddy in the head... )




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