( Oct. 29th, 2007 09:11 pm)
Okay first part in English. I had to go to the vets again with Tink. She was a little better after the injections. And about two hours after the visit at the vets she ate a little, but she remained very very un-tinkish. Just sleeping and all. At around 3 when I picked her up she even cried out loud. So I just decided to try and give her some food and if she didn’t eat by 5 I’d go to the vets again. Well, at around 4:20 she threw up again. What she had eaten about 4 hours earlier and everything she had eaten about 20 minutes before that. I called the vet and she told me to come by again.
I had to wait for an hour and was then allowed in again. They made a blood test. Looks like an infections coming and she’s already showing signs of fighting against it. But she wasn’t in a good condition. So she said she’ll keep her over night, give her some fluids and all. My poor little baby. I hope I’ll get her back tomorrow. But I feel better like this.

And now the German part. Weekly SPN discussion :D Dead in the Water. One of my favorite eps :D

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