So far I spent most of my day changing [ profile] anlis layout and another hour in the garden. I took pics to show you what I did in that hour. I had to go inside again, because it was raining, so yeah, my plan was to finish that today, but damn the weather. I'll visit my mom on Sunday. LOL and how weird am I? I thought mothers day was later this year and now I'll be with her on that day ROFL. So yeah, I need a little something. Actually I had thought that mothers day and her birthday would be on the same weekend. Hmmm, I need to think about the part of her present that I already have ....

So yeah, I said I took pics of my new stuff and all and I finally found the cable and uploaded them. There is no real order there, cause I was taking pics of random stuff. So there are some of the sky on the motorway. I took them yesterday on the way back home from the garden center while my dad was driving. I liked how the sky looked before it started to rain really heavily here. We made it back inside just in time. The ones from the garden are what we did yesterday and today, well mostly me today :D My dad refused to go into the garden he had to play with his fathers day gift. I bought him a miniture truck with his name on it. So easy to please LOL. And there are pics of my new handbags, the perfume and the cats. Oh and the postcards I bought :D :D :D LOL

I don't have the solution, but I admire your problem )

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