This is your friendly pilot speaking ...
Angel #1 is currenty cuddling the baby kittens while Angel #2 is trying hard not to be choked to death. And the force is clearly not in her.
We just had pizza, icecream and Jaredina candies :D Pictures will follow later :D
Angel #1 is taking the kitten to the loo now, because she actually peed in Super Special Agent #1`s cardigan yesterday night after we had Francesinha :D (Which was very tasty but way tooooo much by the way :D )
All´s alive and kicking here. We went to Trier, paid a visit to the church, bought some books and gummy worms and [ profile] elrawien almost forget her new painting on the table of the ice café - she actually doesn´t want me to tell you this ..... But since when do I listen to what she says????? (She thinks I´m very very nice :D awww can you feel the love ?????)

We watched Tall Tales, Hollywood Babylon and Hell House, as well as the gag reel and a day in the life of J2 which inspired us to eat rainbow colored gummy candy ......
We saw like 3 different hen parties and a wedding .... wtf?
Oh, one of us has to get married now, cause we totally need a hen party in Vancouver. We need good strippers .... and yes girls, we are thinking what you´re thinking that we´re thinking ..... yes, yes, we do do :D I said do do? Mwahahaha, that´s awesome :D

Angel #2 is getting her hair done by Super Special Agent #1. Bet you want to know who that is???? yes???? No, I won´t tell you *mwuahahahahahahaa* yes and mine is an evil laugh :D

That´s all I guess. Maybe more than. Angel #1 has to leave us tomorrow *hystericalcryingtantrum*

PS: Dad´s doing fine and will be back in his normal room on Monday.

Off to sleep now. *hugs and candy all around*

PSS: Mollie, did you get your present?




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